US Patent #9155428

Sleek Style

Constructed of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel, our fixture compliments your guest room design with a thin 1.5" profile that fits smoothly and unobtrusively into your design.  The fixtures are available in a highly polished or brushed finish and all of our pumps are stainless steel and are designed to match.

Easy Installation

All fixtures are mounted to the wall using state-of-the-art proprietary tape (no screw mounting or drilling is necessary), which eliminates potential damage to the tile. Fixture installation utilizing our proprietary tape takes approximately 15 minutes with a 12 hour cure time.


Safety and security are achieved with our patented, tamper-resistant locking system that only allows staff access to the product. Two sets of bottles are included with each fixture, so that one is always in the room and one is always full in housekeeping ready to be installed.

Brands you Love

All bottles are customizable to the brand or property's discretion creating a possible revenue stream in both the spa/gift shop and the mini bar. Our pumps distribute up to 2 ccs product volume, doubling the industry standard​



Bottles feature an integrated view window to ensure that housekeeping only has to check the window to know when it is time to refill.  A half-full bottle is not visible to the guest.


 Our fixture is never filled in the rooms, but conveniently filled in housekeeping and the used bottle is exchanged with a clean filled one(approximately every 15-20 days, based on your guest demographic).


Your staff will enjoy the quick bottle change-over feature, a simple turn of the proprietary key will unlock and lock.  Bottles are replaced easily (an average of 17 times per year).​


Fixtures are available in three sizes: each includes 2 sets of custom bottles with stainless steel or plastic pumps, mounting tape and keys.  Fixtures are available in 1, 2 bottle, 3 and 4 bottle standard 9 oz size, and our new 16 oz 3 bottle spa fixture, and our 12 oz  cylinder. 

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