Our Story

​Owners applaud the savings to the property in product, waste, recycling, shipping and labor.  For the guest, the environmental benefits far outweigh the appeal of the small bottle.  With over 50,000 units in use around the world, we have received over 99% positive comments from guests and ownership alike. 

Aquamenities offers the first and only tamper-resistant fixture designed to provide full-size branded or licensed amenity products for luxury properties.  The fixture's elegant design, clean lines and quality contruction has made it a perfect solution for many 4 and 5 star properties around the world.

​Just a few short years ago, without a high-end choice, most 4-5 star properties were hesitant to consider implementing a shampoo dispenser fixture.  The patented Amenity Station provides all of the positive attributes of a dispensing system, while not deterring from a property's design, elegance or from a guest's luxury experience.

Our zero waste solution has, within a few short months, been able to actively save the environment from over 11 million amenity bottles and 49,000 gallons of partially used product - making sustainability a reality.  We have created beauty and functionality that is safe for your guest and great for the environment and for your bottom line. 

Eco-Friendly Elegance.  

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