Why are Luxury properties switching to Aquamenitites Amenity Fixtures?

Amenity dispensers have always been a great idea. What was missing was a fixture that combined quality materials and attention to detail, centered on guest safety, design esthetics, and operational functionality. Dispensers missed the mark on all and were constantly perceived by guests as just a way for the hotel to save money.  Our fixtures present a branded presence in a design that is welcome in any home, and not seen as a money saver, but an elegant step toward sustainability. 

What kind of savings should we expect to achieve?

Generally there is a 40-60% reduction in cost but 98% reduction in waste per year with our bottles and pumps lasting well in excess of 2 years and not having a single broken or returned fixture since our inception.

Can I place a brand or custom art?

Our fixtures are designed to present a branded product to your guest. Artwork can be anything you choose. Guests enjoy products they are familiar with. However, if you have a special product that identifies your property, we are happy to work with your artist or use ours to create a bottle design that fits with your goals.

Are they safe?

Made with high grade stainless steel, our fixtures lock the bottles and there is no access to the product from the guest. Our one-way pumps help to assure that the product cannot be tampered with, and our opaque bottles always look full to the guest. We have added a custom view window that allows housekeeping to know when it is time to refill.

How many different styles do you have?

We currently have 1, 2, 3, and 4 bottle 9 ounce fixtures. Additionally we have a new 12 ounce cylinder, and 16 ounce spa fixture. 

How are they installed?

Installation of our 1-3 bottle units is typically done utilizing a special 3M tape along with a thin bead of silicone adhesive around the inside edge.  This has proven effective and is in use at over 80% of our current properties.  There are drill holes if needed, you will need to determine which method is best for you.

How do they operate?

Nothing is filled in the room. Our fixtures come with 2 sets of bottles with pumps. Bottles are filled in housekeeping, then simply replaced when the level shows through the view window that a change is necessary.

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